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Producers of Fabric Handling & Fabric Welding Machinery

ACS machines are used to create tarpaulins, tents, shelters, awnings, shades, filtration tubes and filtration bags, ducting, ventilation, hoses, cured-in-place pipeline systems, geomembrane liners and covers, inflatables, packaging, pool covers and liners, roofing, signs and banners, and much more. ACS machines are built 100% in Canton, Ohio USA. All electrical is NFPA 70, 79 NEC Guidelines; some of our competitors do not comply.

Hot Air & Hot Wedge Welding

We build standard equipment however we specialize in customization. Building a machine that puts you above the competition is what truly separates us from our competitors. The little details are what can make you much more productive.

We use high quality Hot Air Heat Elements that last several years with everyday use. Most other companies’ rate their heat elements to 1000 hours at 1000F degrees. All our parts are CNC machined from Stainless Steel. We use Allen Bradley controls and top-quality electrical components. We do not skimp on quality in a search for more profit.

Fabric & Material Handling

Our engineers have true production experience with fabric material handling. We can help you with real life engineered solutions using top quality components and materials.

We have built many single and Turret winders. We have no size limitations. We can help with small and large scale folding packaging equipment.

Every machine we offer has/is:

  • 100% American-Made & Assembled
  • NFPA 70, 79 NEC Compliant Electrical
  • Unparalled Performance
  • Installation & Training Included
  • Knowledgeable Technical Support
  • 12-Month, Non-Wear Warranty*

On-Site Installation & Training

Our installation technician will ensure that your machinery is installed and re-tested on-site to ensure its accuracy and productivity.

Once we’re up and running, we will work with your staff directly, ensuring that they’re capable of using your new machine to its full potential.

On-Site Support

Things happen. If an issue arises, we are here to help you and you’ll have access to our direct support line.

Our technicians understand the urgency that outages...

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